“Local Posts” from New York to … Florida?

Before I dive into my blogging adventure, I think it’s very important you get to know a little more about my background and what I consider “local”. Otherwise, you may get confused when my “local” posts jump between New York and Florida… wait, what?

Well – I am originally from New York, but moved to Florida in 2013. Thus, I often travel to New York to visit my family and friends. When I am there, I consider those posts local. When I am in Florida, I consider those posts local. I have homes in both locations and both states are a part of who I am. How are my New York trips considered “traveling” when I am doing dishes at my parent’s house or going to the supermarket to pick up milk? To me, New York is still daily life. When I am there it is not for travel.

Most people who visit out of state family may relate to this because they know they are using vacation days, spending money, somewhere different – yet they are NOT on vacation! Instead, I need to do what I do in Florida and “brake for beauty” to recharge myself.

There is also the serendipitous fact that I live near two major U.S. cities (New York City and Miami); therefore, my posts will some times be geared toward places that can be considered “touristy”. Maybe on my way to the airport I will take time to walk through Times Square. Maybe when I land in Florida I will head straight to Miami Beach. That is the point of “brake for beauty” – you can take in a beautiful sunset, stop to smell the coconuts, or even visit a touristy place (where you see something beautiful I hope) in your area. It’s about doing what ever YOU need to do to get out of the monotony of life and recharge yourself.

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Happy braking!

10 responses to ““Local Posts” from New York to … Florida?

  1. Beautifully written! and what a marvellous shot of the keys @ sunset. Wow! Love the explanation of braking for beauty and excited to see more of your posts!

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      • Oh I am already convinced! I look it up often to see what it would take to go to BOTH of those places. New York is happening for my family next year and I am making sure of it. This week in particular I have been trying to figure out how to work in Florida. lol Traveling is hard for us, but I am trying to incorporate it into our lives more.

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      • I know the struggle ! Travel fare, hotel stay, food, extra money for entrance fees 👎🏼 lol we just depleted our travel fund with a trip to Arizona. Took two years to save up so we could splurge on that trip!! I’m excited you decided on NY !!! Hopefully I’ll find some more hidden gems before you go !!

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      • Yes, exactly! Plus we have two kiddos, so we have to take that into account on what and how we plan. But I am GOING to make it happen. I figure, we can entertain ourselves with the city itself for free throughout the week by just looking around at everything. The worst of it will probably be food! ha!

        I love Arizona, I got a chance to go there right after high school on a random spur of the moment trip and it was so beautiful!

        Yes, please!!

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