RE: Request for Removal from Mission on Planet Earth – Part 1

While going through old documents from college, I stumbled across a paper I had written in 2008. It was a creative writing assignment, written from the perspective of an alien that was stationed on Earth.

As I reread the paper, I was surprised at what I had written as a young girl in her 20’s. The words on the pages acted like an alarm clock. A wake up call to who I was and who is buried in me. As an adult, I had gotten so comfortable reacting to life’s curveballs that I had forgotten to keep creating the type of person I had envisioned myself to be so many years ago. Ironically, I had to dive into my past to get back on track with my future.

The assignment summarized my observations and opinions on human behavior. It demonstrated how people say the right things, but their actions contradict their words. Knowing myself, I assume I chose an alien to convey my observations so people would be more receiving of the message. Who can argue with an alien?

So, without further ado, please find my request for removal from planet Earth (Part 1).

“Commander –

I am writing to you to ask for your permission to remove myself from this planet called “Earth”. As you know I have disguised myself as a —- year-old female residing at ——. An area called —-, New York on human maps. For the past —— years, I have built a niche for myself within an institution called a university. This establishment was created for members of the species that want to learn more for their future roles in the human world. I had high expectations for this advanced group, but I am surprised instead at how primitive most individuals are. The society is based on a series of contradictions, which will become very apparent as I elaborate in my report. They have the potential to be great, Commander, but for some reason most are content to remain rudimentary.

My first observation on this planet was the strong value humans place on the physical body, rather than the human mind. Physical appearance is of the utmost importance and takes precedence over the most beautiful of human minds. For instance, there are some individuals that have done great things for the species, but most humans do not know their names. Some of these humans are called “great humanitarians” or “Noble Laureates”. Meanwhile, the beings that are considered physically beautiful (known as “celebrities”) are deemed as highly valuable, without having accomplished much for the well-being of other humans. These are the beings that the average human wants to imitate.

Individual humans who do not have physical beauty will often be overlooked even if they have a beautiful soul. For example, during the first two years of my life on earth I took basic care of myself and I did not try to enhance my physical beauty. I focused on being intelligent and kind. I thought I would automatically be accepted into human activity because this is what humans say they value. However, people were unaccepting. Once I changed my appearance, people began to respond to the valuable qualities I possessed. Why could they not see that without modifications of clothes and makeup?

Besides physical adornments, people are expected to have face and body shapes that are considered attractive within their society. If a female does not have a small nose, big eyes, nice skin, and a toned body shape – she is not considered attractive. If a male is not tall, broad-shouldered, and muscular – he is not considered attractive. This concept confuses me since the humans often say they cherish unique individuals who are independent. Commander, they only cherish those that conform to the molds of society.

On this planet, there are doctors that will cut into the person’s skin and add or take away from the physical structure just to create a more attractive individual. Some females have their noses broken and chiseled to make them smaller, others get bags placed into their breast cavities to make them bigger. Instead of the species expanding their minds and developing internal happiness, they believe that controlling their physical features will bring happiness into their lives. Unfortunately, so many people have become brainwashed by this way of thinking that as more and more people focus on the superficial attractiveness of members of their society – eventually a majority of the people who did not believe this way of thinking will come to think the same way.”

To be continued…

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