Fairchild Gardens – Miami

On Tuesday, I wrote about Chihuly’s display at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami. Today, I wanted to write about Fairchild itself – an impressive 83-acre botanical garden with an admirable mission to research and conserve rare, tropical plants!

Only two sentences in and I know I may lose some people’s attention. To be blunt, they may even be thinking, “Why do I want to waste time looking at flowers/plants/trees?” And to that I say –


The air you breathe? Plants. Bottom of the food chain? Plants. Habitable planet earth? Plants. Medicine? Plants. Make a girl or boy smile? Flowers.

Whether or not you realize how important plants are for your LITERAL survival, it is there regardless of your opinion towards it (and be thankful it doesn’t have an ego). I actually learned a lot from Fairchild during their guided tram tours. For example:


we live in a world where rainbow trees DO exist !


south florida used to be covered with orchids, this is fairchild’s “million orchid project” to bring them back!


and this is where bananas come from and the flower at the bottom is edible –  HERE are some health benefits!

Only until I visited Fairchild, did I realize how little I knew about the world around me. There is so much more to learn! Could you only imagine what we (as a civilization) don’t know yet? Not to mention – may not have even discovered ?! Just to get your mind buzzing, here are some locations.

On top of having an amazing collection of plants, Fairchild also has a butterfly conservatory that you can walk through (just watch your step!).

Besides plants and butterflies, Fairchild also has an array of festivals and classes meant to enrich the community. My first year in Florida, I purchased an annual pass and attended the Chocolate Festival, Mango Festival, and Orchid Festival. I have yet to attend a class, but I do know the selections range from horticulture all the way to photography and cuisine. Basically, the experience at Fairchild’s can be what you make it! If plants do not interest you, but chocolate does – go during the Chocolate Festival! If photography is your passion, but plants not so much – go during or after a class! It’s all about adapting – and wait… isn’t that just another lesson learned from nature?! 

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