Brain Freeze

Do you remember the movie Back to the Future II – when Marty McFly was catapulted into the “future” a.k.a. 2015 ?! In the movie, the writers foresaw flat screen TVs, 3-D technology, hover boards, and even self-lacing shoes! They were right about some technological advances, wrong about others. But you know what they never even touched upon?! Nitrogen ice cream bars.

These ice cream spots have been popping up all over South Florida and look like something out of a sci-fi movie.



To make the ice cream they placed cream, milk, vanilla, sugar, etc. in a mixer that was attached to a nitrogen tank. After mixing the ingredients together they blast it with nitrogen (the same way Dippin’ Dots are made)!

Ultimately, it produced THIS…

IMG_1585 2

Over time, food and food service have evolved into a theatrical performance and the simple act of eating has turned into an “experience”. Cakes now come in the shape of a person’s favorite object, sparklers burn from liquor bottles, and …. cupcakes are served via ATM? To me, culinary theatrics creates a moment of fantasy in the midst of reality. Just think of a child’s amazement the first time they see the chefs at work in a Hibachi restaurant – “the magic is in the imagination of the spectator”. For those who are more analytical, maybe research the science behind some of this “magic” – at least you will be living in the moment as your brain spins facts around itself! Then again, you might spend your time at the ice cream shop thinking about Agnes Marshall who invented the technique of using nitrogen to freeze ice cream in 1904. Of course her idea would be ripped off by “the man” 😜 ! Wait, who just wrote that ?!?! 

And even though the writers of Back to the Future didn’t foresee some of these current food concepts – I can’t wait for the day dehydrated pizzas (and the movie’s other food predictions) make their debut. Until then, I will be utilizing my trusty Yelp to find more cool spots to visit. Are there any interesting restaurants by you?! I would love recommendations.

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